The Organization of Leadership V

July 3, 2018

Fourth dimension: Organization of Leadership

The last dimension, organization of leadership, consists of spreading leadership throughout all levels of a company — where “communities” of leaders form and maintain the ability to influence beliefs, attitudes and behavior. In this, all employees are called upon to exercise a positive influence on others. Resulting in increased employee engagement and empowerment. It involves a break in traditional top down management models characterized by “leader-follower” structures, where orders are given and followers are expected to obey. And weaknesses in the traditional hierarchal model have contributed to other challenges such as low morale, high turnover rate and low engagement of team members.

The organization of leadership constitutes the beginning of a new transformation within the workplace, one that is shaping leadership and leadership development.  This new model is characterized by the democratization of leadership and the increasing development of skills, means and capabilities to communicate and exert influence across a global organization.  The ultimate aim is to provide people at all levels, opportunities for leadership.

Additionally, leadership strategies, according to a recent HRM article, must be designed to keep up with the fast-changing world. Technology, agile models, expectations of different generations all contribute to this change. People want autonomy, the ability to contribute and to feel part of a community. This requires the need for leaders who are inclusive, reflective and facilitate the ideas of others. And so, it requires a change in approach.

Just like work, power and knowledge, leadership is a capacity inherent in people and realizing it allows them to feel more fulfilled and engaged. It is not a question of social and organizational evolution. Rather, it implies a transformation at a personal level – where a person’s potential is liberated and leads to him/her feeling a deeper sense of meaning in their work.

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