Purpose: The Antidote to Uncertainty

February 27, 2019

A leader’s first order of business is to be a trumpet of clear sound.” – Drucker

Today we hear more and more about the importance of finding purpose, both in ourselves as well as in the collective of an organization.  Our research shows that purpose helps inspire, uncover meaning and engage colleagues.  Furthermore, purpose breaks down silos, improves communication and motivates teams.  Undeniably, there are numerous positive outcomes when our work becomes purposeful.

But if we reduce purpose to a single, potent outcome, I would say that outcome is CLARITY.   That’s because purpose cuts through chaos and provides people and organizations with a common way to see the business.  In this way, it works to bring people together – whether we are idealists or pragmatists, purpose helps us understand that our work, our “job to be done” has impact.  And, perhaps most importantly, it allows us, who come from different backgrounds, generations and personalities to align more deeply around accomplishing something great together.

This is why I believe Drucker calls it a leader’s first order of business.  Defining and aligning purpose within the company and activating it through the alignment of personal missions, is an antidote to uncertainty.  And with the volatility we face today, gaining more certainty through higher levels of clarity becomes a realizable competitive advantage.  Primarily, because when this clarity forms within a critical mass of the organization, it creates a fly-wheel  with a ton of momentum.

So, be very intentional with purpose and see it as a constructive force that brings people together, helping us to see beyond ourselves toward the greater endeavor.  And then watch, the positive outcomes from this phenomenon will be numerous.

Management by Missions is our methodology from helping organizations establish deeper clarity.

-DPMC Team


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