Passion X Purpose

July 18, 2018

Passion  X  Purpose

They are not the same thing.  You may hear people say “follow your passion”.  I don’t think that is particularly good advice.  I would say “discover your purpose!”

Let’s put it this way…

Passion is about something (I am so passionate about…). Yet our passions come and go as we move through life and gain various experiences.

Pur­pose is for something (I was put here to accomplish…).  It’s our identifier, what we can’t help being.

While at the same time, perhaps most important, purpose also deemphasizes us. Because purpose is about pursuing something outside ourselves as opposed to simply pleasing ourselves.

Purpose transcends, gives us meaning and is something by which we can live our lives.

So, discover your purpose and if that happens to require a few of your passions in order to live it, then you know you are on the right track!


-DPMC Team


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