Introduction to Management By Missions I

February 14, 2018

Section 1: Beyond the Mission Statement

Most successful and functioning companies have what’s called an official corporate mission statement.  It’s a way of articulating, at the highest possible level, the ‘what’ of a company.

Now a days, mission statements have been increasingly filtered throughout every part of the business, not only affecting management, but everything; from departments and divisions, to individual projects, initiatives…and even job descriptions.

Using the mission statement to apply to every part of the business is a revolutionary practice.  We refer to it at DPMC as the practice of “management by missions” (MBM).  Or simply, being mission driven.

The idea of being mission driven has influenced some of the largest companies in the world including Heineken, ISS Facility Services, Medtronic, Repsol, Telefonica, and Unilever.  These companies have found enormous success using missions as a way unlock passion around one’s work.

Moving further into the 21st century, the practice of management by missions is gaining traction as leaders begin to see the connection corporate and individual missions have in motivating people to higher levels of performance.

As our series continues, we will further define objectives and missions, what makes them so different, and why they are essential to understanding leadership success in the 21st century.

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Carlos Rey | Founder, DPMC

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