Journey to Purpose

September 4, 2018

Intro: Understanding your purpose is a journey that requires you to truly understand yourself and the moments that help define you. Find out how you can start to discover yours……

Mark Twain, in a great quote says it best, “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”.  Twain is giving us a starting point in discovering personal purpose by drawing on the importance of individual purpose and the inseparability of our creation and our calling.

Research shows that having a sense of purpose in the workplace contributes to higher personal satisfaction, overall well-being, and increased performance. A recent article by Forbes supports this idea, stating that when we find a sense of purpose in our lives, we are willing to work hard, more diligently and with greater passion. So, how do we begin the journey, how do we start to discover our personal why?

Mistakenly, we are often led to focus on what we are passionate about, trying to fulfill our life meaning with what we find most interesting. However, our passions change as we move through life. On the other hand, purpose is enduring, because it’s about what makes me…ME. Purpose, then, provides us a deeper understanding of our place in time, giving meaning to actions that may otherwise seem pointless.

While there are many tools and tests (e.g., DISC, Enneagram, Strength finder, Emotional Quotient, etc.) used to gain a better understanding of ourselves, alone, they are not enough.

To truly understanding our purpose, we need to do the work. We need to search our various experiences and life events [see: Discover your personal purpose], those make up our unique story. They are our highs and lows and while they can be rather mundane to others, they are meaningful to us and to our personal discovery.

Here’s a simple exercise in self-reflection to get you started.  Ask yourself:

  • What did I especially enjoy when I was a child [before the world told me who I ought to be]?
  • What were my highs and lows throughout my journey in life and how did they form me into who I am today?
  • And what about me, today, would identify ME? [At the core, who I can’t help being]

Can you identify any themes, core strengths, values, passions – those that give energy and joy? ​

By defining what’s important to us, what we are really good at, and how we might create or impact something needed, we are taking the first step toward discovering our identity, our purpose.

We all have one thing in common.  We ALL have a purpose!  Discover it and put it into action and you will be on your way to doing great things.

-DPMC Team

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