Introduction To Management By Missions VIII

May 18, 2018

Section 8: WISE: E is for Evaluable

Let’s take a look at the last part of the WISE acronym, evaluable. In order for Managing by Missions to be effective, it must be periodically assessed or graded so you are able to gauge whether or not your goals are being met. Otherwise, what’s the point of setting a goal if you are not holding yourself accountable to it? That evaluation is the responsibility of the person or team to whom the mission is assigned to. From the moment that someone defines their mission, it must be clear how their progress will be tracked and evaluated. In order to do this however, employees must have the right information and tools available.

Evaluation isn’t a relatively new idea, as the former dean of IESE, Juan Antonio Pérez López, wrote many years ago, leaders must dedicate time, effort, and resources, so that employees can evaluate, for themselves, the impact of their work on others.

A best practice, observed in all the companies we analyzed, was that there was always a conscious effort to provide information and tools that would enable employees to track their own progress. Managers not only focused on encouraging employees to adopt mission statements, but they also made indicators, metrics, surveys and other resources available so that employees could assess how well they were performing.

Jimenez Mana uses just two indicators for evaluation: order response time and the ratio of parts delivered. These may seem simple, but they are clearly understood and embraced by the firm’s employees – and that is the key.

This shift of thinking is already taking shape with the latest forms of management, including corporate social responsibility, stakeholder theory, sustainable development, conscious capitalism and the creation of shared value. The challenge resides in how to skillfully navigate the path, moving from boss to leader. This is not easy to do!

It requires a distinct mindset, one that is grounded in leading the human person to his or her full potential.

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Carlos Rey | Founder, DPMC

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