Introduction to Management By Missions VI

March 30, 2018

Section 6: I is for Inspirational

“No one can live another person’s dream.”

 This is the idea behind a program of ISS, the Danish facility service provider with more than 500,000 employees in 75 countries. ISS encourages each of its employees to reflect on the purpose of their work, and then to define their role in contributing to corporate growth. ISS understands that missions cannot be imposed from the outside: they must come from within. Likewise, we recommend that any process of setting a professional mission has to start by discovering your own personal mission.

If it doesn’t inspire you, then keep looking…until you find a mission that is suited for you.

The California-based tomato processing company, Morning Star, has wholeheartedly embraced this idea by encouraging its employees to define their own individual missions that come from the “joy and excitement” they find in “utilizing their unique talents”. At Morning Star, the missions have become ‘the boss’ and the company attributes its success to this philosophy of “self-managing professionals”. This allows employees to use their talents to complement and strengthen their co-workers’ activities, holding each other accountable for achieving the corporate mission.

This ethos is echoed by Reem Younis, the cofounder of Alpha Omega Engineering, an Israeli manufacturer of neurosurgery equipment. Her own mission was “to open doors and hearts to bond with the world,” inspired by her personal desire to create work environments where Jewish, Muslim, and Christian traditions can work together in unity. This supports the broader corporate mission of maintaining profitable growth with innovative and reliable neural solutions that lead to a better life, in a context of empowerment, diversity and integrity.

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Carlos Rey | Founder, DPMC

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