Introduction to Management by Missions IX

May 25, 2018

Section 9: A Change Of Mentality

As we wrap up our series of Introduction to Management By Mission, we reflect on the importance of a shift in leadership mentality. As cited in the IESE article Objectives are SMART, Missions are WISE,  we have seen how the incorporation of missions at all levels of the company offers enormous potential for growth and development. For example, it helps strengthen the ties between the company and its employees, it provides a greater sense of purpose throughout the organization, and finally it boosts financial performance across the board.

A significant change of mentality is required to reap the benefits mentioned. A company must change the way it understands the organization, for example, the relationship between boss and subordinate must become one of leader and collaborator/partner.

In his book Foundations of Management, Pérez López differentiated the two types of missions. The first being an external one that is concerned with meeting the needs of people we seek to satisfy. The second being an internal one, which is concerned with helping others accomplish their missions. Thinking about missions this way can help us understand the relationship between the corporate mission and mission of the individual.

As proposed by Management by Missions, a new shift in the business place is taking shape with the advent of a new form of management thinking. This is not limited to corporate social responsibility, stakeholder theory, sustainable development, conscious capitalism or the creation of shared values. The new current challenge for managers is to skillfully negotiate the delicate balance. To do that well, they will need to involve each and every one of their employees in the development of individual missions that can collectively serve the global one.

The shift from traditional management approach to a new management philosophy is needed in order to create a true transformation of culture. A culture that employees can identify and connect with in order to achieve superior performance.


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