If you want to improve performance, start with trust!

January 8, 2019

TRUST is a powerful enabler for creating a highly unified and successful team.  In fact, its arguably the #1 enabler.  And what’s an obvious indicator of trust?  The quality of our interpersonal relationships.  So, if we want to improve the performance of our team, we need to solve for this variable.

Quite simply, we’re talking about the human dimension – when we get this right, all else follows.

Our research shows that as we move toward positive culture and purpose clarity, we are moving toward unified teams, for sure, but also toward a way of being that could be described with the word…care – care for one another, care for the cause, care for our collective future, care for our respective stakeholders.

And this is the whole point. Organizations that are centering around a meaningful purpose are also getting their environments right.  They exhibit high levels of inter-personal relationship [characterized by cultures of TRUST, further described by words like: safety, vulnerability, empathy, servant mentality, low self-interest].

In essence, what these organizations have accomplished to build are environments where people can more easily come together.  Because when people know how to relate to one another, when they care for one another, they can also develop a collective sense of purpose together.

This is what we call UNITY.  It’s a co-creation between the organization and the individual.  It’s not something born from alignment, but from something much deeper.  Alignment is an outward-in phenomenon, while unity moves inward-out. And it’s a great measurement for gauging the health of your organization and the people within.

How unified is your organization toward your cause?

-DPMC Team

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