Passion X Purpose

July 18, 2018

Passion  X  Purpose They are not the same thing.  You may hear people say “follow your passion”.  I don’t think that is particularly good advice.  I would say “discover your purpose!” Let’s put it this way… Passion is about something (I am so passionate about…). Yet our passions come and go as we move through life and… Read More

Bring Your Purpose To Life

July 10, 2018

Leaders today are inundated with the idea of purpose at work. In fact, many businesses are attempting to guide themselves by an overarching reason for being, the true north otherwise known as the purpose or why of the organization. The articulation of such ideas is very helpful to employees and other stakeholders, because it often captures… Read More

The Organization of Leadership V

July 3, 2018

Fourth dimension: Organization of Leadership The last dimension, organization of leadership, consists of spreading leadership throughout all levels of a company — where “communities” of leaders form and maintain the ability to influence beliefs, attitudes and behavior. In this, all employees are called upon to exercise a positive influence on others. Resulting in increased employee… Read More

The Organization of Leadership IV

June 26, 2018

Third dimension: Organization of Knowledge The organization of knowledge, as we define it, refers to the management of information and talent.  Simply stated, it is the informal process in which knowledge is created, used, transferred and shared within an organization. Peter Drucker, the influential management guru, defined it as “putting knowledge at the center of productive activity”.  Indeed, this concept offers a shift from prior paradigms, where innovation and learning were predominantly an individual process, practiced by those who… Read More

The Organization of Leadership III

June 19, 2018

Second Dimension – Organization of Power The second dimension relates to a how power is intentionally distributed within an organization. This concept, also known as empowerment, relates to a leader’s ability to improve decisions and influence the performance of the company. Power has traditionally been organized in a structured, formalized way.  Evolving from the traditional concept of leaders giving orders and workers obeying, to today, where it is more common to provide people some level of autonomy within a hierarchical structure. During the second half of the 20th Century,… Read More

The Organization of Leadership II

June 6, 2018

First Dimension – Organization of Work Our first dimension regarding how work is organized pertains to the formalized structure of functions and activities within the business. All businesses have a formal way of structuring work including but not limited to defining roles, responsibilities, levels of authority, communication, and workflows.  All of this, designed with the intent to achieve the company’s overall goals and objectives…. Read More

The Organization of Leadership I

June 5, 2018

Section 1: Dimensions of an Organization In our last series we discussed a shift in mentality from traditional ‘boss’ to a leader/partner mindset, one that puts a new focus on the organizational design of leadership. Driving this change not only requires a focus on developing people, but also an organizational design that harnesses their potential…. Read More

Introduction to Management by Missions IX

May 25, 2018

Section 9: A Change Of Mentality As we wrap up our series of Introduction to Management By Mission, we reflect on the importance of a shift in leadership mentality. As cited in the IESE article Objectives are SMART, Missions are WISE,  we have seen how the incorporation of missions at all levels of the company… Read More

Introduction To Management By Missions VIII

May 18, 2018

Section 8: WISE: E is for Evaluable Let’s take a look at the last part of the WISE acronym, evaluable. In order for Managing by Missions to be effective, it must be periodically assessed or graded so you are able to gauge whether or not your goals are being met. Otherwise, what’s the point of… Read More

Introduction to Management by Missions VII

April 13, 2018

Section 7: WISE: S is for Service   Management scholar Peter Sence once stated that “missions reflect what we bring to the world.” So, in addition to asking yourself why you do the things you do, you should also be asking yourself for whom do you do the things you do. At this intersection of… Read More

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